How to Help Your Goldendoodle Overcome Separation Anxiety

How to Help Your Goldendoodle Overcome Separation Anxiety

If your Goldendoodle shows distressful behavior whenever you leave the house such as barking, whining, or destructive chewing on furniture it may be a sign of separation anxiety. This is especially true if the behavior only happens when you are gone. This behavior is more than just annoying, How to Help Your Goldendoodle Overcome Separation Anxiety!

The first step to overcoming separation anxiety is to identify what triggers your dog’s behavior. This can be done by observing their behavior over time and determining whether or not there is a correlation between certain things such as getting dressed in work clothes, putting on your shoes or even getting the car keys out. Once you’ve identified the triggers, you can begin to work on desensitizing them to the feelings of anxiety that they produce.

From Fretful to Fearless: Helping Your Goldendoodle Overcome Separation Anxiety

This can be done by slowly introducing them to being alone at home. Start by leaving them for short periods, then gradually increase the amount of time that you are gone. When you return, make sure you come back with a lot of attention and treats. The idea is to distract them with something fun so that they don’t associate your return with their anxious feelings.

It’s also important to ensure that your Goldendoodle gets enough physical activity and mental stimulation throughout the day so that they aren’t bored when you are away from them. Providing them with activities such as puzzle toys, chews or even an old t-shirt that smells like you can keep them occupied while you are out of the house and help to reduce their separation anxiety symptoms.