EB-1 Visa Information

The eb1 visa information is the highest level of employment-based green card category in the United States and it allows for permanent residency. It is designed for “priority workers”. This visa can be filed by either a US employer or an individual foreign worker who self-petitions. This category does not require a labor certification, which is a requirement in most other immigrant visa categories.

To qualify for this category, a noncitizen must show that they have achieved international recognition as a result of their outstanding achievements in a field of endeavor. In addition, he or she must have at least three years of experience in teaching and research and have an offer of permanent employment as a professor or researcher with a university or research institution.

Elevating Your Immigration Journey: A Comprehensive EB-1 Visa Information Guide

This visa is for aliens of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. Extraordinary ability means that you are one of a small percentage who have risen to the top of your field and have sustained national or international acclaim for your accomplishments.

Due to steady demand, the EB-1 Visa for India, China and Mexico reached its limit for FY-2023 in August. The NVC will issue a final action date of 01JAN20 for these countries and the date will likely be advanced in October. This will allow applicants to maintain their priority dates for the EB1A, EB1B and EB1C categories. This will also help to reduce backlogs for these categories in the future.