Beewell Mellow Fellow Disposable Vape

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use HHC vape experience without seahorse pro plus, a charger, or refills, the Beewell mellow fellow disposable is the right choice for you. The sleek and compact device comes pre-filled with up to 800mg of cannabinoid, offering a potent, balanced, and tailored vaping session. It also features a draw-activated design and a wide variety of unique flavors and cannabinoid options to suit all personal tastes and preferences.

This 2 gram Delta-8 cartridge from Mellow Fellow offers a smooth, mellow high that’s great for stress and anxiety relief. It’s infused with an indica-dominant strain that is known to relieve tension and relax the body, ensuring you have a peaceful experience. Its rich, earthy flavor is sure to enchant your senses.

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This HHC cartridge from Mellow Fellow is formulated for creativity and mood lifting, thanks to its uplifting and sativa-dominant strain. It’s a perfect strain for creative endeavors and stimulating social gatherings. It’s a great pick for those who are new to cannabis or looking to try out the different effects of the sativa-dominant strains.

The Beewell mellow fellow disposable vape offers two whole grams of 95% pure HHC oil, with a 0.5 Subhom ceramic coil and pre-heated button for an enjoyable smoking session. It has an ergonomically designed body, a rechargeable battery, and adjustable airflow control for your own customized sesh. It has a sleek dark metal finish and is perfect for those who want to find their own preferred method of smoking.